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Updated on Monday, May 13, 2014

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I have the honor of introducing my very first real guest post today from my new friend Lisa-Jo Baker… When I started this journey of promoting her book launch for Surprised By Motherhood,  I never dreamed, I would blog, tweet, post or pin as much as I have about one thing.  That one thing is Surprised By Motherhood … This amazing book by Lisa!   She thought my thoughts, felt my feelings, and said what I’ve wanted to say about motherhood but my story is a little different and you can read that here

In honor of Mother’s Day, I got to choose one of the blogs I liked the best that Lisa had written and add it as a guest post here.  So here is the post of Lisa’s that was near to my heart….Also I get the opportunity to give you the chance to win one of these amazing book-plate, signed to anyone you want (just the book-plate)

(Giveaway is at the end of the blog)



How do you measure meaning in the life of a mom?




Is it in diapers changed?

Loads of laundry folded?

Dishes washed and stacked and put away?

Is it in temper tantrums soothed, fevers treated, number of steps walked to rock babies back to sleep?

What about all those dentist appointments and chocolate chip cookies baked? Is it in cups of tea poured and

teddy bear tea parties attended? In baby dolls lost and found and lost again?




Do we measure a year in developmental milestones or growth charts or good behavior sticker sheets? Do we

count all the time outs and spills and failures and starting overs and regrets and missed opportunities and

nightmares and wanting to run home to our mothers?

Or maybe it’s in how we’re learning to tell the truth about motherhood? Or get over our mom guilt?

Do we count it in new grey hairs and wrinkles and pounds? Do we judge it on the clothes we couldn’t wear

this year because despite our best efforts they still don’t fit us?

Do we judge ourselves on whether our kids finally, finally potty trained or if they can spell their names?

Is it in secrets whispered between bunk beds and hearts tenderly opened and offered – all six years worth of

learning how to be human. Is it in hearing your daughter lisp, “I wuv you, mama” or your son try to monkey

hug you four times in a row?

Is it in early morning commutes to daycare drop offs or vacation days spent in the pediatrician’s office? Is it

in mascara-streaked cheeks and moments spent quietly crying in the ladies’ room at work when we missed

their field trip?

Is this year still penalizing us with working mother’s guilt or do we measure the grace we’re learning to give





Maybe it’s all of this and all of this adds up to a handful of loaves and fish that we didn’t think would be


Not enough of us to go around.

Not enough of us to handle the growth spurts and teenage years and best friend break ups.

Not enough of us to manage to single parent for the months he was deployed or on the road for work or

simply walked out.

Not enough at midnight and not enough at 4pm when no one wants to do their homework and there’s still

no plan for dinner.

Not enough when he’s screaming how much he wishes he had a different mother and she’s trying to sneak

into that skirt you’ve told her is too short when you’re short on patience and grace and no parenting book

could have ever prepared you for this.

Not enough meal planning and not enough gas for all those car pool runs and not enough hair to pull out

on the all out, full on crazy days.

Not enough patience in the galaxy for the mornings all 14 pairs of socks he tries on he throws over his

shoulder and declares too uncomfortable.

Not enough time to juggle the OT appointments and the taekwon do lessons and the scrubbing off the

bathroom stains.

Not enough romance or good days or courage.

But here’s the thing – you’re not the first “not enough” and you won’t be the last.



And what you thought you couldn’t give, Jesus gives thanks for and breaks and multiplies and there is just

enough for today.

And tomorrow.

And at 2am.

There He is again, singing over you as you sing over sick babies and breaking your heart into bits and pieces

of holy, sacred sacrifice.

More than you could have known.

Measuring your year in all the broken, ordinary glory. Heaped high.

A sacrifice of praise.

Your making and unmaking and remaking.

Immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine. He measures out to us.

And He is always enough.


{To see the video reminder of why mothers are braver than they know, click here}.


This guest post comes with love from Lisa-Jo Baker to our community in celebration of Mother’s Day. If you

haven’t already – treat yourself, your mom, your sister, your BFF or your grandma to a copy of her new

book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom. No matter what stage

you’re in when it comes to motherhood, we promise it will encourage. And remind you that you are braver

than you think.

The Giveaway

*In honor of Mother’s Day, Lisa-Jo is giving away a signed book-plate to three of my fabulous blog readers

(she will personalize them with a name of your choice). To enter, leave a comment telling me your best

memory of your mother and we will announce the

winners this Sunday, Mother’s Day.

 For an extra entry share this blog post and giveaway via twitter

and come back and comment that you Tweeted  and come back and comment, or share it on Facebook and come back here and comment that you

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opportunity for 4 (four) entries.   The Winner(s) will be selected using

 My favorite memory about my mom, is that in spite of being crippled for life in 1964 and losing two children, she always had a kind word to say to everyone, always gave everything she had, to anyone that needed it and always, I mean always was willing to share God with anyone who would listen

My Beautiful Mom





13 Responses

  1. Bookplates received in the mail today – Thank you again!!! 🙂


  2. Randy, You won 2 of the bookplates, check your email!!


  3. Lindsy, you won one of the bookplates. check your email!!


  4. By liking this; I shared it on FaceBook as well 🙂


  5. Thank you so very much!!!


  6. I also went ahead and pinned the book plate image to my Pinterest page…”Occupational Hazards”


  7. Thank you so much! Tell Nita Jo Happy Mother’s day!!!


  8. I went ahead and tweeted this 😉 !!! Happy Mother’s Day for ya’ll in Texas!!!


  9. Always enjoying sharing fond memories…as I get older that is about all I have left!!! LOL Thanks for providing the opportunity!


  10. Thank you so much for sharing your story of your mom! This is so true about small packages!!
    LOL! about the busting out in laughter!! I love lilacs they are beautiful!!
    Again thank you for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I so wish my mom could have lived to meet all my kids and my grandkids! she would have enjoyed it!! Make lots of memories and record her stories and recipes!! The things I failed to do, I try to encourage others to do!!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. My mom gave successful birth to 8 children (3 boys and 5 girls); she was a mere 4’11”! Mealtime was almost always a challenge for her, not only to cook for but, to keep the peace at the table! I remember one day when mom finally had enough of the normal “bickering” among me and my siblings – where this one time she silenced us all in one fell swoop! After making sure she had everyone’s eye contact she simply said; “Shut your mouths and eat!”

    None of us cracked a smile until she left the room at which time she was the first to burst out in laughter! Yep; we each tried to put food to our mouths with our mouths closed; but I promise you, she never saw that because she was always able to make us feel shorter than her even though some of us were a bit taller!

    So for me my mom was the first example I remember that taught me “big things come in small packages.” My usual gift to her for Mother’s Day was a bouquet of freshly picked Lilacs off the neighbor’s tree.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. One of my favorite posts! My favorite memory of my mom is happening right now–it’s seeing her with my kids and realizing all that she has to give and teach and help them experience. She takes them hiking on the AT, she keeps them so I can go to writer’s conferences, she still makes homemade Christmas cookies for them to decorate. She means the world to me.


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