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Having gone back and re-read the book a 4th time, there is one small statement in the book that I missed all three times before.  Andrews states “The true definition of perfection is an impossible standard to hold ourselves to and can often end up being an unhealthy practice,  So, for the purpose of this book, let’s settle on the definition of perfect as “the best something can possibly be.”  We are out to create moments that are as good as they can be, lives as good as they can be, and ourselves….,as good as they can be. – – 

this being said, changes my review …completely..  I still hold to the fact, just like Andrews states, there are no perfect moments and that was what nbothered me the most – – Him, Not saying that, but he does.  So in that retrospect.  I retract my initial review and apologize to Mr. Andrews for not giving the book a 5 star review to begin with.

Here is an updated review: (the first is below this)

This book tells you exactly how God put us on this earth.  In HIS perfect world, living an imperfect life.  However, when you go through your days, the way you live it, is how you will see it.  

PERSPECTIVE –  It is all in what you make it.  

Life is, what you make it.  This is where we agreed.  If you choose joy, you have joy, if you choose to be sad, you have sad.  Even in the very hard times, you can still find happiness. In the death of a family member – all the great memories you have with them.  In a car accident – are you okay and are others okay.  In a financial disaster – working things out means you are a better stronger person and above all – do you still have family   (2nd disclaimer:  this is barring any medical complication like depression or anxiety) and we aren’t going there, That’s a completely different issue.

So in true definition of the meaning of perfect, if you choose your perspective, your life will be so much happier because of it.  I am so guilty of living with perfection and seeing the disaster I create of my life every single day, I KNOW that I am not in control.

Living Intentionally – oh wow.  LIVING INTENTIONALLY – choosing to get up to your family instead of for your family, choosing to see that vienna sausages and sardines with an ocean view is really surf and turf with an ocean view!! 

Blessings, Gifts, good and bad.  They make us who we are, because of the life we live when we face each one. 

Now, not mentioning God at all, or putting our focus back on the Bible and backing it up with verses would have completely solidified my acceptance of these statements BECAUSE of my faith.  However, in this book, because of the one statement above.  I think it’s abundantly clear Andrews’s meaning.  Even though I had to look up that he was a Christian based on this book.  

I am going back and changing my review as soon as I can to five full stars, because I can now see the underlying intent of taking the lesson in this book THROUGH your faith is there.  I just didn’t see it.  I am so glad I went back to re-read the book a 4th time.  

Andrews’s one statement that he makes that “ultimately the direction of your life is up to one person – – you”  still bothers me stated by itself.  looking at the big picture of the book and Andrew’s disclaimer of what perfection is on this book alone, I can see this as true statement the way it he said this for the book.  

I have left my original review below so that some of this makes sense. Thank you for re-reading and coming back on this journey again!  Go check out Andrews book at Family Christian Stores here, where you can get this and so many other books on Spirituality and Religion and Faith.



#My Original Review

Have you ever read a sentence that just sends you over the top and makes you think hard about your life?  Giving you the mindset to get to complete satisfaction in your life?

The concept of the book was great and I will share this in a moment

I didn’t find that this book aligns with Christian spirituality, as I know it. There were some conflicting phrasing that left me baffled

Now all this being said, I know that the belief behind Andy Andrews’s words in The Perfect Moment, is because of his belief in Christ.  However, I didn’t know that until I was able to look it up.  For me, that makes the book a little jaded.  So remember this that the only thing Perfect in our life is God.  Perfect Moments, Perfect People, Perfect whatever, just doesn’t exist.

I 100% believe that Andrews intentions were great with where he goes in this little book.

Andy Andrews states  PERFECT, the best something can possibly be.  Stop waiting for contentment, comfort, and happiness.  The reality is that they are the ones waiting for you..

Take a little time to think and reflect deeply about your “perfect moments”

I love this.  This really hits home!  I try so hard to make moments perfect and to make that perfect memory, however, there aren’t any perfect memories.  I am a sinner and every moment I have is flawed.  My own skewed thinking is what gets me into trouble.  God gives me every perfect opportunity and I fail miserably because I am a sinner.

This, THIS is perfect.  What is this?

unnamed (4)

It’s your day, it’s your life, and it’s your moment.  Whatever that moment is?  If you choose to let it be perfect.  Even with all the imperfections.  It can still be bliss!

When you choose to be sad, unhappy, angry, whatever emotion you can pull out of a hat, then you will be sad, unhappy, and angry.

God gives us a perfect world.  We are already here.  Our lives, in retrospect, aren’t ever perfect however, they are pretty close.  When you slow down and remember that your moments can only be as good as you let them be In spite of your emotions on any given day.

Choose Joy, Choose Happiness, Choose to be content. Choose Jesus.

Andrews gives you three questions to help you determine what those perfect moments in your life will be.

What excites you more than anything else, what people do you particularly enjoy being around and If this were your last day, what would you do?

After sitting down and thinking about these things.  It just solidified what I already knew, I had a long way to go. I was so far from having my life in order and I knew that.  I didn’t need a book to tell me, but oh the tears fell as I read this precious book this morning.

What would you do if this were your last day? No, seriously, “What would you do if this were your last day?”

How on earth do you answer that?  Get my hair done, go to the spa, and get a massage.  Eat a huge steak, and lobster?

Or call your children, your grandchildren, spend time with your spouse?

In MY honest opinion, this book didn’t go into enough detail though in how all of this relates back to Jesus Christ.  If I remember correctly, God is not even mentioned once.  However, being the strong Christian that I am, I know that there is no perfection without Him.

In the book, there is a statement that says ultimately, the direction your life is up to one person you.

I don’t believe that and will continue to believe that God is in charge of my life and only God.  Yes I choose to decide what I do with it, but ultimately without viewing my life, through the eyes of my Lord and Savior, I have failure and sin and messes and life is way too short to live in a hot mess all the time.

So for me, the concept of the meaning of the book was great and I loved the way it worded some statements.  My faith leads me to believe that there is never a perfect moment.

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