Thankfulness and 10 Ways to Be Thankful

I’m sure that some of you have done the 30 days of Thanksgiving at some point in your life.  While I believe in bringing things back to focus, however I also believe that in your life, you need to be thankful for things, good and bad, every single day of the year, while you may not broadcast it every single day as in the 30 days things, always remember that God gives us things we need.  Whether it is something good or something hard.  And in doing that, we need to thank Him graciously for every single thing every single day.

That being said

1. Pray. There really is no explanation needed here.


2.  Believe in God. Without him, you have nothing!! He is everything. He is my all in all. I know that I can do anything as long as I have Him on my side. God is amazing and awesome and well everythingBlue Believe

3.  Love fiercely. Everyone gives you the reference of 1 Corinthians 13 when it comes to love, however, my favorite verse about love is this John 3:16. That is the grandest love story in the Bible in my opinion.41bc7080e426fbcc10d8db534e0fa6c9

4.  Keep your relationships healthy, those you value are extremely precious. I’m not talking love relationships, I’m talking about relationships with the people you love, that should come naturally. I’m talking about relationships in general. “BE healthy” in relationships with businesses, with organizations. In the corporate world, the most important people in that business are not the CEO and the Corporate Board. They are the Janitor and the Cleaning Staff. Important relationships I can think of it my life, without family in the mix, my trash guys, my mailman, the manager of the Sonic I go to everyday and the girls HIPAA_ancillary_staff_bigthat bring me my tea. The person that answers the phone at my doctor’s office. Those kinds of relationships are the ones I’m talking about. Those relationships will serve you well, very well in life. Value them.

5. Apologize when necessary. Saying “I’m sorry” are two words that can heal generations. I am serious here. There are words you can say that will help, these two words are mighty. However, they can be overused. Saying I’m sorry without changing isn’t going to gain you any favors. What it is going to do, is make people not trust yotumblr_static_i_m_sorryu, make people not care about your sorry’s. They won’t believe it.

6. Always say I’m sorry” first. Never be too proud to stand up and say, Hey, I shouldn’t have said, done, or acted that way. I’m very so rry and I make no excuses. I’m sorry, can you forgive me. If they say no, accept it and know in your heart, if you are serious, you’ve done all you can do.

7. JUST because someone else does it, doesn’t make it right. Tit for Tat is ook-i-admit-it-he-did-itne of the most incredulous, and selfish things you can do in a relationship. It is also harmful. If another person is trying to tell you about their day, yours doesn’t need to be better, or worse. Maybe they need you just to listen.


8.  When you make mistakes, be humble. VERY humble. Making a mistake isn’t failure. It means you really are human!! Every single day we are setting yourself up for failure if you live a life of trying to be perfect. Perfectionism, is a flaw. A very dubious personality flaw. I’m a very good example.Humbled-Verse

 I do not try to be a perfectionist at everything. However, there are somethings that I want to be perfect at. I’m not, I get that. I know that. I still try, and in doing so, I jeopardize relationships. Perfectionism is MY character flaw, and my life to live, how dare I ever put that on someone else.  

9.Give back. No one likes someone who is selfish. That doesn’t mean go broke giving, or to give all of your time. You must have time for yourself also that’s not selfish. It’s survival at its finest. Even as a parent, you giving-back_largemust take time for yourself. If you are not givingback_newsize-756x425rested, mentally, physically, and spiritually, how do you expect your child to be if you have children?


10.  Have some semblance of organization. This is CERTAINLY not last on the list but is one of the most important. Go here and you can find some of the ways I orgabbd8e42551665fc31b0b8fa7ad1b8817nize our life. Even organize chaos is better than no organization at all.  Even the most  disorganized person in the world (that would be me) can have some semblance of organization. 

Now you are probably thinking to yourself, how on earth does this have to do with Thankfulness.

Well, a long time ago, I used to be this person that thrived on chaos and being angry and disorganization and just being a real hot-mess.  As I have gotten stronger in my faith, I have realized that there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about anything, because God has it all in His hands.  Now with that comes huge responsibility though.  God doesn’t just want us walking willy nilly through our lives and saying well God has it so I can just sit back and do whatever I want because He has it under control and if I don’t want too I don’t have too.

That is so far from wrong!  God may have it under control, but He gives us very complete, and concise instructions for our lives.

Take care of your body, take care of HIS resources, take care of the things he loans you, take care of your heart, take care of your prayer life, take care of your home life, your financial life.

Everything!  So this is why I am so thankful.  I am thankful I have a God that tells me how to act, how to live, how to be, how to encourage, how to admonish, how to learn, how to love, how to do everything.  Without His guidance, as in my years past I know I would fail miserably.  Proof is in the pudding because I know for ME, in MY life, without these things above, there would be unhappiness and depression and living a life that just existed because of the total chaos.

God’s Word gives us these rules and being thankful that He does is the last part of this

11.  Read your Bible.  Not only is it God’s word and your life book.  It is just down right good stuff.  If you don’t know where to start, Read it like you would any other book from cover to cover.  If nothing else, the history lesson you get is amazing.

Or you can start with the good stuff Luke, When Jesus was born, or in John, it tells about his crucifixion.  Or John 3:16, that greatest Love story ever told!  So many stories to read, and dig into!  Be grateful, I mean downright grateful for who you are, the family you have, the things you have.  The life you lead.  God allows us to borrow it all for a while and puts us directly in the pathway he chooses for us.  

Isn’t that just incredible!  How HE knows, just KNOWS exactly what we need, when we need it!

That to me is something to be eternally grateful about.

Now this 30 day of Thanksgiving thing.  Am I going to do it?  Nah,, I never did.  Gratefulness every single day is the better choice.  Being Grateful, Choosing Joy.  Now about Choosing Joy, I have LOTS to come about this soon.  please be watching for it!  


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