Smokers, please read!

If you Smoke/Wear Perfume/Spray Air Freshener in the Stores Etc.; please remember that the person around you may have a lung disorder or heart problem that MAKES them get short of breath.

YES, even without oxygen… Sometimes to the point, that what YOU are doing may send them to the doctor, hospital, or worse, the morgue… no, I’m not being dramatic..

I will give you a small example of my day JUST today… 


A.     I get out of my car at a meeting spot, someone walks in front of me approximately 30 feet, and has VERY strong perfume on; I need to use my inhaler which includes two medicines, that

                  1) Make my heart race

                  2) Make me jittery

                  3) it’s the best rescue nebulizer for the disease(s) I have so don’t suggest I ask my   doctor to switch

In turn, that medicine, makes my heart race, which also makes my tachycardia worse (on a normal day, my heart beats at anywhere from 115 -125 beats per minute) the meds just jumped it up to 130- 140; so now I am close to stroke zone… Not IN it, but close

B. Okay, let’s go on with my day.  I get in my meeting put my inside oxygen on which is forced so it’s a LOT better than the pulse I had on outside and I can calm down some.

However, in comes someone who just smoked a cigarette and decides that the empty seat beside me is the BEST seat in the house… It really would have been nice if I had been asked (especially since you see the big oxygen tubing in my nose) “hey I smoke, is the residual smell going to bother you?”

I would have had the choice to say “yes it is and thank you for asking and thinking of me before you sat down”

C. I use my rescue inhaler again, which AGAIN bumps my heart rate up, In turn, that medicine, makes my heart race, which also makes my tachycardia worse (on a normal day, my heart beats at  anywhere from 115 -125 beats per minute) the meds just jumped it up to 130-140; so now I am close to stroke zone… Not IN it, but close

I once again get myself calmed down by boosting my oxygen up a point, and get into an even closer closed door meeting.  So picture small 8×8 room, no air circulating, 5 people, me on my oxygen still and you the smoker comes in and again the ONLY place to sit is right beside me..  there are no other seats.      5 minutes in, I ask for the door to be opened because there is no air circulating; 10 minutes in I just leave.  I’ve had my face in Kleenexes and my jacket because all I can smell is smoke.

I get to the front of the office; short of breath and barely walking; thanking GOD that my husband has JUST; Like JUST that minute drove into town from being out all week; can come get me and get me to  the doctor.

D.     I go to the doctor’s office, tell them I need to be seen as an emergency.  I have to sit and wait of course, I have had  nebulizer (medicine taken with forced air straight into your lungs) treatment and several inhaler puffs by this point, so I am OUT of distress, but NOT OUT of EMERGENT status.

I get into see the doctor after paying my copay that once again, I want to send to you the smoker, because I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you..  I get treated and go home and eventually finally get easy enough ad can get some rest.  Prayerfully, I will just have to sleep on three pillows instead of sitting up in a chair because that will be enough to help me sleep amid the three or four nebulizer treatments  tonight as well as the other meds that I am routinely taking for my heart and lung.

 That just weren’t quite enough to get me through because your smoke was too strong the two times  you sat down beside me; added in with the perfume the lady had on from earlier this morning.

Anything you would like to do to help me or my child who has asthma and allergies would be greatly appreciated!  

I’m not looking for anyone’s sympathy for today, I am really just at my limit and tired of having to go to the doctor because of outward environmental circumstances that I honestly have no control over until they have happened.

Oh, and if you work in a hospital or dr’s office… JUST DON’T DO IT!!!



Psalm 35:18

Laura Hix 

ps (this is not written to single out ANYONE!  I just thought it was a good writing and wanted to share with you!!  If you get a guilty conscience that’s one you LOL   I love you all bunches)

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  1. I dont have health conditions but the cig smoke & perfume both give me headaches and make mr sick. Thanks for making people aware!


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