Recipes for My Kids

 Dad’s Wash Day Stew

This is a revised a bit from my husband Paul’s, Mom’s Wash day Stew.  

This is his absolute favorite meal of all time 

1 to 2 pounds Stew meat. I’ve used other meat too. Sometimes steak or roast is cheaper. I know. Crazy right? Most butchers will grind or cut up what you choose to use if it isn’t already cut up.

1 big onion – yellow diced small

1  small bag carrots diced small

3 to 4 pieces of chopped garlic

4 to 6 Irish potatoes diced small

1 bag celery diced small

Mexene chili powder to your taste

Salt & pepper to taste, I use fresh ground, because the flavor is even more robust

1 big can stewed tomatoes, take kitchen shears and chop them up while they are still in the can.

1 can tomato sauce

If you dig tomatoes taste like I do 1 can tomato paste.
These quantities are subject to your judgement.  Also, any brands are just fine.  These measurements will probably feed four to six folks or two Hixs. 😁
I brown meat in skillet while I’m chopping everything else up and putting in big pot. Then add your drained meat to  pot. I used to not drain it but now with all this health craze. Haha.
This stuff really freezes well BTW.  Add water if you feel juice from tomato can isn’t enough. Use your judgement. When I start out I add just enough water to cover everything about an inch. In Crock-Pot if you do that you’re good. If on stove top monitor water level. That’s usually enough water that way also if pot is covered.

Cook until carrots and taters are soft. Voila. You’ve got something so good it’ll make a puppy pull a freight train. 

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