Ninja and Changing Lifestyles

I have this great little machine in my kitchen,


called a Ninja.  It is amazing!


I have started cooking things from scratch.  Doing it all.

I have made soups, stews, cakes a lot of things literally.

but the very best, funnest thing I made came a couple of nights ago

Something extremely simple,  but oh so sweet (literally)

I made powdered sugar!!

It was so surreal to be able
to use a simple machine, save money and make something I needed in my kitchen without making a run to the grocery store, and spending money I didn’t want to spend.

Scratch cooking, means using what you have on hand, and making a great meal from it as well as adding nothing processed.  Nothing in a box, bag, wrapper, nothing frozen, nothing canned.  While some things you can’t avoid, for reasons that are monetary (we have no freezer for one) and well, I can’t make gravy for crap, so I buy gravy in a bag and add water.  Nor can I make cornbread from scratch.  So I use the packages.

I was able to make a treat for my husband last night.

I made simple plain cinnamon roll but the frosting was OH SO fabulous.

I used,

1 box of cream cheese,

1/4 cup butter,

1 TBSP vanilla,

1/2 cup powdered sugar

to make the powdered sugar, I used one cup of regular granulated sugar.  (Now if you are going to store it, you need cornstarch.  I planned on using everything I made)

I then put the sugar in the Ninja and blended it for about 1 minute and had a perfect cup of powdered sugar.

So here is the frosting I made, and it was so delicious.


Now, this being said, I didn’t say we were going sugar-free, just healthier and no processed foods, (or trying).

Those of you that no me, don’t throw up my sweet tea to me, or my insatiable cravings for cheese sticks LOL

these too will pass eventually.  But now, they aren’t.

All of this to say in the long run, for us, eating healthier has been cheaper.  It is NOT as you first start out.  i give you that.

But in the long run, it is so much cheaper, so much better for you and I am back in love with cooking.  Now maybe I can get my kitchen remodeled the way I want.

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